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February 2008
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The bad thing about my birthday falling on a Saturday is I have to wait the whole week and get through Valentine's Day before I can begin celebrating. I have a test tomorrow and I didn't even study as much as I could have because I was too occupied with looking up drinks to make and party decorations. There should be some rule that we don't have to do a damn thing on the week of your birthday. We should just be allowed to relax and enjoy ourselves. Right? And then, I also want a million dollars.

This week is going to be torture. I want it to be Friday already!
I'm giving plasma on Wednesday. The ironic part is I hate needles, but my friend needed a buddy to do it with her, so i couldn't say no. Let's hope it's worth the $80

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There comes a time in a girl's existence when she feels that she doesn't want her life's trials and tribulations exposed to complete strangers and to those who really don't need to give a damn (ie. the nosy ones and potential stalkers).
So I'm turning my journal into "Friends Only." I realize there are a few people who read this, but I never know they do because they never comment and there are a few people on here who I've added as friends, but I've lost interest in reading their posts, so I'm deleting some of you, don't take it personally.

If you want to know the everyday occurrences of a twenty year old, leave a comment (or two) and I'll add you.

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